Dr Teresa McDonnell (f)

GP Partner

Teresa qualified in Dublin in 1983 where she did most of her postgraduate hospital training. She arrived in Telford in 1989 via North Shields and Stockport and joined Church Close Surgery in Oct 1994. She sits on the Shropshire Local Medical Committee.

Dr Ciju Thomas (f)

Dr Thomas joined us as a salaried GP in November 2015.

Dr Chahra Abbassi (f)

Dr Chahra Abbassi joined us initially as a locum doctor in 2019, but joined us on a salaried position in January 2020.

Dr Simon Cockill (m)

Dr Simon Cockill joined us initially as a locum doctor, covering sessions when our salaried doctors were on annual leave. He joined us as a salaried doctor in October 2018.

Financial Year 2020/21

Unlike other professions, doctors are now required by law to publish the average earnings of GPs. 

An average GP at Court Street Medical Practice earned £53,000 gross for a full-time equivalent post. This is before tax, National Insurance and pension contribution has been taken off.

The practice had 2 full-time equivalent GPs

The practice also has to pay the following:

*£3,000 a year in postage
*£18,000 a year in phone and utility bills
*Nursing staff, reception and admin staff, pensions and other bills

In 2019/20 the practice spent £30,000 on Locum GPs due to the shortage of doctors nationally.

We are also a Living Wage Foundation employer in line with the recommendations of The Living Wage Foundation

Find us here: Living Wage Map